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  • Company History

    Founded in 2005, we are one of the leading ISO, CMMI, CE, SA, OHSAS consulting organizations.

  • Our Capabilities

    Our team is lead by IIT, IMI educated Lead assessor with 22 years of hand on business experience.

  • Where We Deliver

    Gap analysis, System design & documentation,, Trainings, Implementation, Internal audits, Procees, Product and Supplier's audits.

  • Our Clients

    Showa India, St. Gobain Glass, Nipro Glass, Gruner, Asian Paints OPC, Six Sigma Certifications, AAFT, Velocis, Cipherdyn, Trustline Securities, Sofcon, Indiamart, FIL Industries and many more....

What is a Process?

A process consists of the following :

1. Inputs

2. Step wise activities (Process Flow Diagram)

3. Output

4. Monitoring & Measurement of critical to quality parameters (CTQs)

5. Procedure



Tea Making Process:

INPUTS : Pan, Spoon, Tea, Water, Milk, Sugar, Gas stove, Gas Cylinder, Lighter, Strainer, Tea cups, Tray


STEPS :Put required water in the Pan, Light the gas stove, Put the Pan  over gas stove, add measured tea, sugar milk.

Bring it to boil. Now switch off the gas.


OUTPUT: Arrange the tea cups and pour tea through strainer. Serve the tea on tray.


Critical To Quality (CTQs) parameters : Quantity, Freshness of Milk and cleanliness of ingredients, pan and cups, Time, Temperature, Sweetness, Colour, Aroma and presentation of tea.


A system is made up of various interrelated and interacting processes.